Sira Casado

What is sustainable marketing?

Sustainable marketing is the one that keeps the company’s environment in mind and tries to incorporate this company’s environment into its actions. To do so, these factors are key to sustainability:

  • Business management
  • Natural environment
  • Social environment

Sustainable brands base their work on these three pillars in order to define their values and actions. On the basis of this, they devise marketing plans that have a positive impact on these areas.

What benefit will I get by incorporating sustainability into my business strategy?

The main benefit will be an increase in the recruitment and keeping of qualified talent. Companies with responsible values are more attractive to talent, achieving a higher personnel involvement, improving productivity and results.

Besides, socially responsible companies also generate greater engagement with the external customer through actions that end up having repercussions on the market in which they operate or on society in general.

To define what actions to perform, it is essential that we should base on the company’s values and build from the inside out. That is to say, the business purpose must make us build the socially responsible actions to devise.

Sira Casado, Taking branding to the next level!
Sira Casado, Taking branding to the next level!
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